2017 National Home Care Cooperatives Conference

Home care worker cooperative members and developers from across the country gathered November 6-9, 2017 in Dulles, VA at the second annual Home Care Cooperative Conference. The conference is organized by the Cooperative Development Foundation and hosted at the headquarters of the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation.

Highlights of this year’s program included:

  • Two Specialized Preconference programs:
    – Training for home care cooperative members by the Paraprofessional Health Institute on develop a person-directed organizational culture that is stronger, healthier, more efficient and adaptable.
    – Facilitated session for technical assistance providers to develop a framework for home care replication incorporating the finding of The ICA Group research on home care replication.
  • The Home Care Industry and the Role of Cooperatives
  • Best Practices for Retention and Recruitment of Caregivers
  • Governance and Finance Issues
  • Optimizing the Cooperative Advantage with Caregivers and Clients
  • Working Smart: Tracking data to know what works

Meeting Documents

National Home Care Cooperatives Conference
Leslie Mead, CDF




The PHI Coaching Approach®: At the Core of a Supportive Workplace Culture®: At the Core of a Supportive Workplace Culture
Susan Misiorski, National Director of Coaching & Consulting Services, PHI
MariaElena Del Valle, Organizational Change Consultant, PHI
Meeting Documents:  The PHI Coaching Approach to CommunicationNational Home Care Cooperative Conference Handouts PHI


Developing a Strategic Framework for Home Care Cooperative Development
Facilitator: Lauren Counts, Senior Director of Strategy and Innovation, Capital Impact Partners

Replication Study:
David Hammer, Executive Director, The ICA Group

The U.S. Home Care Landscape
Peggy Powell, Senior Advisor, Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute


Opportunites for Home Care Cooperatives
David Hammer, Executive Director, The ICA Group




Measure What Matters
Jonathan Ward, Business Consultant, The ICA Group


Governance and Finance
Courtney Berner, Co-op Development Specialist, UW Center for Cooperatives
Margaret Lund, Principle, Co-opera Co